Best YouTube to MP3 Converter on This Planet

We’ve all been here – you’ve found an awesome song or a compilation on YouTube, but you don’t know how to download them on your device, so that you can listen to it in the future.

The solution is FLVconverter. It’s probably the best YouTube to MP3 converter (link) currently on the market. And here’s why

Benefits You Get

First, you don’t have to register, load files and install anything. It’s a completely browser-based service, which is super-convenient.

Second, you can convert either extremely lengthy compilations for tens of hours with no restrictions as to the size of the file you’ll generate. Or, you can whoosh through – literally – hundreds of individual video files from the mega-collections on YouTube.

Third, the files you get work on any type of device you might use, including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Plus, they work fine with any operating system out there.

Fourth, …

Why the World Will Always Need Music

How bland and dull life would be without music. It is a phenomenon that is able to powerfully stir our emotions. It impacts us on numerous levels; emotionally, socially, spiritually and physiologically. It is quite amazing how something that cannot be seen or physically grasped can have such a profound impact on our senses. Like the wind that rustles the leaves on a tree, music resonates with the fabric of humanity and compels us to pay attention.

It is an increasingly evident fact that music significantly contributes towards mental and emotional well-being. It is used in psychotherapy and psychiatry to restore balance and calm to psychological conditions that disrupt our bodies natural equilibrium. It is able to soothe and calm, and bring about restoration in facets of life that no surgeon’s scalpel can reach. Listening to our favorite songs transports us back to memorable moments in our lives…moments that define …